The D'amelio Show confuses me

Avaldati 11 sept 2021
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My A/C stopped working the other day so this video is fun because you can watch me slowly get sweatier.

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  • drew, youre in the middle of the screen, get out of the way

  • He knows her dad was rich before she was famous right?

  • There was less then 2 minutes of the actual show the rest was just drew talking

  • Drew talk less

  • I like that you humanize people. You gave me a lot to think about.

  • Man, you just analysed the shit out of that, it has really changed my perspective on the D’amelios. Great video.

  • “i think i forgot to put jokes in this one” made me laugh so much

  • Drew giving these girls absolutely instrumental advice

  • i never really thought of the reversal of the process of fame like that until this video which is really interesting

  • woah this was all really well said drew. now i have a different point of view on them. thanks lol

  • this ought to be good xD

  • This video is giving me very much, life advices. Thank you for putting the effort to make this video, May God bless you! Advices: - Hollywood, and now social media, are industries full of parasites. -You do too much and burn yourself out. You start to resent your work, and no longer get any joy from it. -With anything in life, failure is part of success. --You have to fail some, so you can grow

  • Drew, you talked for a really long time in this video.

  • That "I went to school with singers" comment is soooo true omg

  • I dislike hello fresh... Bc ppl don't learn how to cook stuff from left over things. Cooking skills from multiple past generations will get lost. And doesn't anyone care about all the shipping and negative effects for the earth? Why are ppl so lazy and don't want to get their life's organized

  • That is NOT what I expected. I thought you'd be all BOOOOO BAD BAD BOOOOOO but you really tried to understand them and explain what they're going through and I honestly loved that.

  • I feel like all this is their parents fault trying to squeeze all the money out of their kids instead of helping them grow up like a normal kid,I mean why the heck did you buy a 14 million dollar house putting more pressure on your kids now they are just gross

  • Your so rude why can't y'all treat them like human

  • Can you review bad Halloween/love movies soon?

  • your take on it is so great, I don't follow them, but I HATE people who insult these kind of people without knowing them, media can turn a very nice person into an awful person.

  • Well said !

  • I genuinely enjoyed this video, and it's the first video I've watched.

  • Drew, can you please make a video on Netflix’s “She’s All That”, please I’m begging you.

  • I feel like if her parents are actually good parents, they should just give her the option to size down in housing. Like, nobody needs a house that big and she might feel obligated to keep providing it, but her parents really should try to show her that it isn’t necessary and if she stopped providing it, they’d be fine just as they were before. She could use her income for anything else. Put it in a savings account. Get like, the best therapist in the world. Never have to worry about a medical bill

  • Hi Drew, just a request from a long time fan - could you do an ASMR video in the style of that vine you did where they are a commercial for water in your hands, you kind of whispered the voice over in that vine and it was a great and unique voice for ASMR. Thanks I love you.

  • Dumb show

  • This show makes me realize... kadarshions has talents

  • Aww 🥺 I’m from Louisiana and I am so happy that you are donating to organizations! You have been one of my favorite creators and this video truly shows your empathy. I hope to see content like this more often from you ♥️

  • The only person I’ve seen give anything to Louisiana since the storm thank you very much

  • all you're saying is so true and i agree 100%. it must be so tough for them. especially because she got famous before trying out a lot of stuff and honing her skills... now she's basically doing that in front of millions of people and people are ready to judge her for that. i wish people had more empathy and insight like you do.

  • This is a really nice video but I don't agree with all the things he said but this is a really nice video

  • i love how nice he is, he isn't trying to put them down and he isn't mocking them

  • 3:30 mhm managers 4:40

  • Thank you for this video. It IS super easy to dismiss talentless influencers, but you allowed me to recognize the issue of child exploitation involved. I hadn't considered that, so thank you.

  • I can’t with them saying “they do things normal kids do!” & then it shows them simply laughing. Yes, such regular. Much normal.

  • Her popularity confuses me.

  • This is an amazing video, well done

    • they aren't the same at all as a lot of famous kids were

  • says the road work ahead guy

  • Dixie should just continue with her talk show she has on her YT channel and make it a podcast

  • Really glad you made this. Been thinking about this for such a long time now. Also, I think we need to bring up their parents more… because as you said; they’re children and they didn’t ask for this fame - the parents have a responsibility and… I just don’t feel good about them tbh

  • This has to be one of your best videos so far. I went in expecting you making fun of them or something but I'm really glad this was an actually thoughtful commentary on reality of childhood fame instead of "hAhah charlie bAd". Keep it up man! Would love to see more videos like this!!

  • It would be nice if the girls saw that vidéo. The arguments are solides ! Thanks Drew

  • WOW Drew, I did not expect you to say such nice things and really thoughtful messages.The video is amazing.

  • damelio

  • I feel so called out by the singer comments ☠️lmao

  • The fat guy from Top Gear gave you an shout out! They were talking about Britain or something, he pulled out a picture of you and two other guys and he said something about you being a peasant and making dry humour Sorry, it's hard to remember the whole thing, you know how dreams are

  • Bro somebody’s gotta hug this chick I feel the hollowness coming thru the screen and I thought I was dead inside like fr at 14:16 when she’s talking about how people wanted her to die that’s pretty f ucked because you can tell how heavy all that shit weighs on her and she’s not even an adult but again she is Rich and has a life 1000000000 times better than mine but still I guess in any persons situation you have to have some humility

  • it upsets me so much when people excessively bash these kids. because that’s what they are, kids, and deserve to be treated as such. stop trying to make them into role models when they’re just human beings trying to survive an immense amount of pressure and tons of people trying to profit out of them.

  • 9:54 ok as a singer i need to confirm that this is absolutely true… i’ll sing at any time in front of anyone (until someone points it out cuz then i apparently get shy even tho i was screaming happier than ever to the top of my lungs 5 seconds ago)

  • I deal with mental health issues and I feel really bad for them, they are childs/young adults and I hate when rich people complain but they seem really sad, shit

  • You talk to much

  • Drew, they were in fact already rich. The family is also racist (including Dixie) and trump supporters. I appreciate your commentary on child fame and the effects of it, but honestly they aren't the same at all as a lot of famous kids were

  • Omg I don’t like those managers, not a little bit

  • Holy shit that came straight from the heart

  • This is why you're so cool, Drew. I love when you tackle issues like these.

  • If my kids were being affected like this by social media, I wouldn’t tolerate it any longer. No amount of fame is worth this.

  • Love the commentary and the humor. Excellent video and oh my god these poor teenagers

  • Hey Drew! Why you crying, why you messing up your makeup?

  • Dixie > Tyler

  • WHY IS SHE FAMOUS she has no talent or personality

  • Charli says later in the show that she feels she’s under a lot of stress because if she quits then her parents “lose their jobs” … oof

  • Charli says later in the show that she feels she’s under a lot of stress because if she quits then her parents “lose their jobs” … oof

  • Drew's videos are more entertaining than the whole show.

  • As an independent musician and producer, your commentary really spoke to me Danny! 🌚 okay jokes aside, I’ve been honing in my skills and slowly growing a social media presence within the year - consistency is difficult 💀 I’d say it’s frustrating to see labels/management is so driven by TikTok now. Labels are currently signing TikTok creators with big following whether they’re musicians or not. But it’s also fucking amazing. More than before we can find our fans and our following and interact in ways we could before. It’s so cool. I think for me at least, I’m thankful I didn’t go viral as a kid/even a year ago. I can’t imagine how difficult it is being a teenage and dealing with people coming and trying to make money OFF you not WITH you. That being said, I do think being thirsty for what you’re aiming for whether that’s 1k followers or selling out tours is so vital. Clear path, clear mind. Slow and steady mindset is my jam 🤟😌

  • Tbh, to say that these people got thrust into this and are living with the after affects is untrue. This family is from LA and are incredibly rich. This is why she got famous. And under immense pressure to say yes to everything to keep their 14m dollar house? If their parents bought that home w Charlie’s money that’s wrong and that’s on them. They don’t have to say yes. They know this, they feel pressure to say yes because all the likes and $$$ create incredible greed and narcissism. I don’t feel bad for them at all.

  • honestly i feel so bad for charli

  • the damelio sisters really remind me of 00’s childstars. especially the Olsen twins; overworked and ridiculed until they don’t want to work in Hollywood anymore.

  • I know it's not the exact same situation, but Dixie might experience the similar thing that Rebecca Black experienced. She was lambasted for like a year for her song "Friday", but now she makes music that I really enjoy. Perhaps maybe we shouldn't be cruel to kids just trying to figure things out.

  • Nice video, came for a laugh but left with a new perspective on the d’amelios

  • this was an extremely good video. people think that once someones bank account passes a certain threshold they’re no longer eligible to have issues,emotions, or be real people and it’s quite sad. i think this rhetoric is changing with the britney spears situation coming to light and what actually happens behind the scenes with some of these celebrities

  • Take Ed Sheeran for example. He spent years working on his craft in front of mostly empty rooms.

  • Honestly after watching the show I realised their parents are really failing them. It’s not even the fact that the girls are for sure overworked. It’s the way the talk and act. Dixie is quite naive and abrupt in the way she talks and acts. Her parents don’t pull her up in the show when she is clearly being rude to industry professionals. My parents are the same with my sister. That’s a life time learnt of bad behaviour. It starts with the parents. I get Marc has political career or whatever but this show just gives me the ick

  • please do a video on that dumb netflix show called floor is lava

  • Notice how vocal coaches are never famous or even popular?

  • Netflix cancelled the oh so great Anne With An E, and now we have the Addison Rae movie, or TV show, or whatever it is.

  • Man I thought Charli was lowkey annoying before but this just made me feel so bad for her :/

  • I've been following Jennette McCurdy for a while and I agree that kids should not be famous. There needs to be some kind of policies in place on social media regulating content that has minors in it. Either not allow them to get a certain amount of views/ followers, making their accounts only allowed to be private for family/ friends, enforcing some kind of child labor laws. I'm not sure what the answer is. Hollywood on the other hand needs to have more barriers to protect kids that are in shows and movies. I think we can still have child actors, but maybe not allow them to do press or advertise for the production. They could also restrict how many productions one child is allowed to be in so that they might not be cast just because of a famous name. If there's more child actors spread out across productions then it might restrict the fame that some of them receive. I think that might help limit the amount of attention that individual child actors receive.

  • I loved this video. Drew is my fav, he doesn’t try too hard to be funny. It’s just natural.

  • Hi Drew r u still planning to wait for Danny to die so u can get all his subscribers?

  • the 1.1k are mad you're right

  • they were rich before she got famous - prob not *that* rich but, by no means were they poor

  • I hope the D’Amelios see this, I think when people make fun of people for shit content from here on out across the whole internet. I enjoy writing songs and hope to do that sort of thing for a living someday. This genuinely hurts to think that human beings are being shat upon because they’re now famous.

  • that reverse engineering bit is so true. i feel like our generation may pay for that later down the road based on what that forces Hollywood to produce .. also like the managers and people making bank are also playing a different game than agents years ago i just can’t fathom literally working with people that shallow who don’t care about you personally and view you more as a business transaction 🤭😔 i hope they all aren’t like that

  • 2:34 i guess but don’t people say KUWTK is scripted? is the damelios also scripted cause if not that might be why theirs pales in comparison lol also i don’t think this is their first shot at being publically on media bc there was a video a couple years ago of them on TV for something else was it a race car show? I don’t remember but I think they interviewed the dad and some other people

  • dude ur so fucking smart i love the way you explain things

  • 9:53 i disagree that sounds more like an introvert vs extrovert type thing. just bc someone doesn’t want to sing in front of a lot of people doesn’t mean they aren’t a singer. plus stage presence is something people work on. like u said she first has to figure out singing. most people do that anyways, they practice beforehand and then do it in front of others. i feel bad bc even her learning process is being displayed for all when most people only broadcast their highlights.

  • Confused, he said confused.

  • I came here for funny haha's, I ended feeling bad for a teen TikTok star.

  • Wholesome takes

  • Hopefully these girls can see this video, it is very compassionate and wise what you're saying drew. Peace and love my brothers and sisters

  • this was enjoyable to watch while i ate my subway

  • It is definitely bad they make fun of them so much. With that being said (not their fault btw) it’s because there’s no reason they should be famous, what talent do they have? 😅 But remember, they didn’t make themselves famous. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Turning a child into a "star" is seriously the modern day equivalent of using a child as a chimney sweep. (Google: "What was it like to be a child chimney sweep?")

  • Yeah. This is why I don't wanna be famous. I'm just some 10 year old who decided to do youtube. At first? Yes, at 8-9 I wanted fame. But that never happened, I don't want to be famous anymore. I just wanna make funny videos.

  • Kids deserve to be kids

  • this is sad. sad that her parents actually allow this, because they did allow this. they are trying to milk the cow so much :/ and Charlie is too young to realize. I hope she will stop and take control one day, focus on dancing.

  • the monte

  • Such an important issue. Thank you so much 🙏🙏🙏